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DJI Mavic Pro

I’ve been flying drones since 2012, I started with a homemade hexacopter based on the DJI Naza flight controller.  I then bought a DJI Phantom and have owned every Phantom model since.  I also own a Inspire Pro and have in the past owned and used S800, S900 and S1000+.

But out of all of the above my favourite has always been the DJI Phantom.  It’s so light and compact.  It uses intelligent batteries and the more recent generations of the Phantom have used the amazing DJI GO tablet and smartphone APP.  Last year DJI released the Mavic Pro and everything got a bit confusing…

The Mavic Pro was to DJI what Karma was to GoPro, a small compact take anywhere you go drone.  DJI launched the Mavic Pro at the end of September 2016 and was immediately backordered through massive demand for this tiny drone that offered so many great features.

I have to confess that when I first saw it I wasn’t that impressed, have a fly of one though and you’ll soon change your mind.  The Mavic is a powerful little drone that handles incredibly well, even in reasonably winding conditions.  The quality in my opinion is very similar to the Phantom 4 although the lens has a tighter angle of view and isn’t as wide.  The tiny camera, lens, gimbal unit produces sharp 4K video and wonderful stills images without apparently breaking into a sweat.

The size of the Mavic is its killer feature, the drone is so small and compact it’s amazing.  DJI sell a small bag (think man bag) that carries the drone, controller and three batteries with a little space left over for cables, memory cards and a smart phone.

The Mavic Pro is a fabulous bit of kit to have in your kit bag should you need to quickly grab an aerial shot.

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