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1000fps with Sony RX100 IV

I don’t take a great many stills images, if I did I would use this camera though.  It’s so small and tiny, it could easily get lost in your pocket.  This is the Sony RX100 mark IV, a pocket camera that has a 1″ sensor, Zeiss lens, LCD screen, pop up LCD viewfinder and flash.  It shoots 4K video and records 1000fps, a thousand frames a second, 40x slow motion.  Wait, what I hear you cry.  Thats crazy, its all a bit James Bond, that camera is definitely 007.  You would in fact be right!

Above is a screen grab from Sonys made for 007 TV advert before the release of Skyfall, that is none other than money penny using the RX100 IV.  Call me Beer, Simon Beer…

I didn’t see this advert but I did hear people talking about this magical camera so added one to my camera arsenal for its high speed filming abilities.  I need to say this now and get it out of the way, although it shoots 1920 x 1080 full HD at 1000fps the image is degraded, as a 4K or even a HD camera the image is fabulous.  As a high speed camera the quality of the video within the 1080 frame is about 1/4 the quality of regular 1080.  It’s passable on the web and I do know of instances where it has been broadcast as a speciality camera.  Don’t get too excited, this is not a 4K Phantom camera substitute.

There are a few things you need to know when shooting highspeed, firstly keep the background simple, the encoding is harsh.  Lock the ISO and set the camera to manual.  Turn off any fluorescent lights, any tungsten lights and light your scene, lots of light, with a flicker free source.  I’ve used 1×1 battery powered LED panels.

Take a look at my videos below to see some people doing some very silly things at 1000fps.  These videos were shot at Wildeye camera training courses.

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